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*The persons who will participate in Hangouts should have a Gmail account.

1. Hangouts is a compatible with the current version and two previous versions of either of the following web browsers:
• Google Chrome
• Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)
• Mozilla Firefox • Safari

2. The compatible operative systems are:
• Mac OS X
• Windows
• Windows Vista
• Windows XP
• Chrome
• Distributions Linux based on Ubuntu and others based on Debian.

3. Minimal requirements for the processor:
Any processor of double nucleus ( dual core ) of 2 Ghz or higher

4. There are some specifications and limitations about the video-calls that you should know:
• Every 150 minutes, it is verified that you continue on Hangouts.
• Se necesita una conexión de banda ancha a Internet.
• A broadband connection to Internet is needed. To talk and hear:
• Headphones or earphones (microphone headset, etc.)
• Microphone

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