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With the goal to promote the language and social harmony between our students and the public in general, Spanish Language Center offers extra activities in cinema, cooking, conversation, culture, Mexican History and other activities.

This activities are free; all that is required is a recuperation fee for the materials needed.

The activities take place at Spanish Language Center, contact us, so we can give you details about what activity will be given and the recuperation fee.


pedro-infanteThe golden age of the Mexican movie theater dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Actors, directors and scriptwriters did an extraordinary job.

We enjoy the projection of a movie or a Mexican documentary with popcorn and soft drinks.

At the end of the movie, we will form a conversation circle to discuss the movie.


cookingIn this activity, you will learn to prepare delicious, flavorful dishes with fresh ingredients.

This activity will be instructed by a Mexican woman who learned from her mother how to cook typical Mexican dishes.

At the end of the cooking class, the participants will socialize and enjoy the dishes that they prepared.


conversacionThis activity is an excellent opportunity to enhance your vocabulary and apply your Spanish language’s abilities.

We discuss up to date story articles of general interest such as politics, science, technology, society, health, etc. The assistants then can share their opinions about the addressed topics with their group conversation partners.


guelagetzaThe assistants will listen to a presentation of a topic about Mexican culture like:

Customs, Traditions, Society, Art, Folklore, Contemporary life, etc.

In the process, they will share their experiences and express their concerns related with the topic, and will provide their opinions with respect to their culture.

Mexican History

historiaThrough previously selected topics. The participants will learn about the history of Mexico.

They will share a little about the history of their country.

They will express questions and comments related to the topic, with which they will develop their conversation skills.

Other activities

artsArts and crafts
In this activity, you will learn to make different typical items from different states in Mexico.



If you want to have a great time, we will offer you dance classes in different rhythms.
In Mexico, the people are very cheerful and the majority of the persons know how to dance very well, at least two or three music rhythms.


karaokeSinging with Karaoke
A very fun way to learn and expand our vocabulary is through singing.

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