Types of students

Spanish classes for adults and young people

SLC is your best option to learn Spanish!

Are you looking to speak Spanish fast?
SLC offers practical courses, so you can learn Spanish in a fast and effective way.

Our goal at SLC is for you to speak Spanish from the very first classes and to build up your confidence and knowledge. You will speak Spanish faster than you thought!

Study Spanish with us! A quick glance at our courses will suffice to find a program that suits your needs and interests. Studying Spanish is an excellent way to take advantage of your free time and provides an opportunity to learn the culture of Mexico.

At Spanish Language Center, learning Spanish is fun! At SLC you will quickly learn to use easy Spanish words, to order food in Spanish, to speak Spanish on your travels, to answer and ask questions in Spanish, and many more activities to use Spanish in your daily life.

SLC has the Spanish course you are looking for: in-person and online.

Spanish Classes for executives

Are you interested in speaking Spanish fast?

Study Spanish with us!
Are you traveling to Mexico?
Considering that many executives manage a full agenda of activities, at SLC you are certain to find the optimal course for you.

Do you need to learn the Spanish language?
If your motivation for learning Spanish is to communicate with clients, managers, bosses and/or co-workers, SLC has an effective method that will allow you to learn Spanish fast and efficiently with flexible schedules and relevant information for you.

Spanish classes for entreprenurs

Are you planning on starting a business in Mexico? We offer Spanish courses ad business Spanish courses for executives and businessmen.

SLC has the Spanish course you are looking for: in-person and online.

Spanish classes for teenagers and +8-year-old children

Study Spanish with us!

At SLC we have fun and interactive activities for your children to speak Spanish. Our courses are designed so that teenagers and +8-year-old children can learn through our in-person and live online classes.

Children can have their lessons after school or on weekends. Classes can be held at school facilities or student’s home.
In order to hold an online Spanish class with us, all you need is a device with internet connection and curiosity to learn the Spanish language. All classes are held in a live session by a professional and native teacher.

At Spanish Language Center you can have fun learning Spanish! Among other things, you will learn the alphabet in Spanish, greetings in Spanish, the numbers in Spanish, easy Spanish words and phrases, etc.